Netscape Cookies


If your web browser is made by Netscape, you may sometimes get a dialog box like this:

Netscape: Question

The server
wishes to set a cookie that will be sent only back to itself.
The name and value of the cookie are:
Do you wish to allow the cookie to be set?

**** ********
*OK* *Cancel*
**** ********


It doesn't matter whether you press OK or Cancel . The result is the same. You may have to do this several times while entering or viewing data.

If you want to permanently eliminate these annoying warnings, here's what to do:

Use the Edit drop-down menu or the Options drop-down menu above the tool bar at the top of this page. Select Preferences then Advanced. Make sure that Warn me about accepting a cookie is NOT checked then click OK.

Please click the Back button on the browser tool bar to return to the previous page.
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